Friday mornings
7:30 am 

Miss Shirley's Cafe
513 West Cold Spring Lane
Baltimore, MD 21210

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About Us 

Baltobusiness is a Baltimore based business networking group that opens its arms to all Maryland businesses, both large and small.  From real estate agents to insurance agents, storage providers to healthcare providers, lawyers to public relations specialists, we maintain representation from a diverse cross section of the Baltimore/Maryland business community.  We are open to anyone interested in increasing their business' exposure and client base.  We are always looking for new members who occupy fields of industry that we do not have representation of in our group.  By meeting weekly and exchanging ideas, our diverse group of committed Maryland business people help build and exponentially grow one another's businesses. 

We meet weekly at 7:30 am on Friday mornings at Miss Shirley's Cafe in Roland Park.  (See Where to find us)  Each week members give a thirty second update about what it is he or she does and any news/updates within their respective industry.  This allows each member to showcase their industry and allows members to become better educated about the various industries represented within the group. 

What sets us apart from other networking groups is that our sole focus is not just the traditional idea of the "lead."  Instead, we have chosen an interdisciplinary approach which has allowed us to focus on helping one another build our respective businesses through the exchange of experience and ideas.  Through the relaying of non-proprietary information of each member's industry, our members have the opportunity to have an up-close and personal look at what has worked and what hasn't in fields outside of their own.  Furthermore, this exchange has given the members of baltobusiness the opportunity to have one on one face time with, and insite into, complimentary indsutries.

While some traditional aspects of a networking group remain (such as the appropriate, permissible and relevant provision of information) Baltobusiness puts a premium on respecting the ethics required of its members in their respective professional industries.  Accordingly, baltobusiness makes every accommodation necessary in order to abide by said requirements.    

Today, more than ever, the small business must rely on other small businesses to survive this harsh economy.  At Baltobusiness we help each other not just weather the storm, but make it through to the other side, better and stronger than before.  We are currently opening our membership to new members and we hope to see you at our next meeting. 

Please contact us directly for information regarding annual dues.  The weekly fee is a mere $14 which covers the cost of the meeting space and a delicious breakfast Miss Shirley serves us during our meetings.